WHIMSICAL is designed to help astronomers obtain synthetic Position-Position-Velocity (PPV) cubes of molecular emission from models of collapsing prestellar cores. To get started:
Please follow this link to access the database.
  1. Select a molecule (only lowest transitions available)
  2. Select the desired geometry (spherical/axisymmetric disk/axisymmetric filament)
  3. Select viewing angle (Edge-on: axis of symmetry □ LOS, intermediate angles, face-on: axis of symmetry ∥ LOS)
  4. Select set of physical parameters (e.g. Temperature-T)
  5. Click "Submit" to view the available datasets
  6. You may click on a slideshow to pause or navigate between slices
  7. Click the downloadable link at the right side of the screen to obtain the PPV cube (fits format)
Initial conditions of the dynamical and chemical models of the hydrochemical simulations are described in detail in Tritsis et al. (2016). Post-processing of the simulations was performed with the non-LTE line radiative transfer code PyRaTE (Tritsis et al. 2017). Molecular data are taken from the Leiden Atomic and Molecular Database (LAMDA).